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Panasonic HDTV DIRECTV complete Satellite System Receiver with Infra-Red remote and Dolby Digital. Includes an 18" x 24" Elliptical Dish for receiving multiple satellites!,(2) Dual Output LNBs (with a socket for a third "SAT#C" LNB capable of receiving HDTV when a PV6110 LNB is purchased separately), Multi-Switch for connecting up to (4) DIRECTV Receivers, Mounting Bracket, Instructions.
Retails at: $1,399.85  
Our Discount: $799.90  
Your Price: $599.95*  


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For New DIRECTV Customers.
Standard One Receiver Professional Installation included with one year programming commitment


Receives and decodes all ATSC formats
Designed to enable viewing of digital programming on analog and digital televisions1
Built-in ATSC/NTSC tuner
Advanced Program Guide allows seamless navigation of NTSC, ATSC and Satellite channels.
Can convert all ATSC input signal formats to any ATSC output format.
Can down-convert HD to SD or NTSC formats
Built-in Modem and Smart Card
When voltage drops below 90v or rises above 134v, the unit will automatically turn off power to your equipment, automatically restoring power when voltage has returned to a safe level.
DTV Component A/V Outputs (Y, PB, PR)
5.1 Channel Digital Audio Out (optical)

Product ID Description Valued at:
   TU-HDS20  Panasonic HDTV DIRECTV satellite Receiver with Infra-Red remote and Dolby Digital. $899.95
   KTI-24X18  KTI DIRECTV® Multi-Satellite dish antenna with 2 Dual Output LNBs. When combined with a Sony, RCA, Panasonic, Samsung, Philips or HUGHES DIRECTV Multi-Satellite Receiver this Antenna is able to receive signals from multiple DIRECTV® Satellite locations at 101°, 110° and 119° with the additition of a SAT C LNB. *** Orbit does ship substitute and equivalent dishes. $199.95
   PRO-1201I  Standard Multi-Sat Professional Installation. This installation is for one Multi-Satellite Dish, one wire run and one receiver purchases. Includes: Mount dish on an outside wall of the dwelling with appropriate hardware, within 100 feet cable length of TV. Provide a single wire run of up to 100 feet of RG-6 cable. Provide the hardware necessary to ground the satellite antenna. Route all cables to the TV either through an exterior wall (frame or one layer of masonry) or from a basement. Connect the receiver to an existing telephone jack (if available) in the same room with the supplied telephone wire. Educate the consumer on system use and contact programmers for activation. $0.00
Total Value of:$1,099.90 

   15-pin D-Subminiature
   225 channels capable
   32 Bit microprocessor
   All ATSC digital formats
   All ATSC Format HDTV and DTV Broadcasts Output
   Analog Off-Air Ready
   Digital Quality Video and Audio
   Dolby® Digital (AC-3)
   Favorite Channel Lists
   HDTV DIRECTV Programming
   High Definition TV with this HDTV Receiver
   IR VCR Control
   Low power consumption, cool operation make the Receiver suitable for mounting in a closed cabinet
   Multi-Satellite Ready
   NTSC Analog
   Number of Receiver Addresses
   Standard TV with this HDTV Receiver

   1 Component Video Output
   Baseband Stereo Audio outputs (RCA-style connectors)
   Dolby Digital Optical (TosLink connector)
   Low Speed Data Port
   RCA Type Audio/Video connectors
   RF Input
   RF Output
   S-Video output (Mini DIN Connector)
   Satellite Input
   Satellite Input with Diplexed RF Antenna Input
   VCR Control Output IR Blaster

   18" X 20" DIRECTV® Multi-Satellite Dish Antenna
   Dual LNBF
   Twin Dual LNBF for 2 different satellite location support

Dimensions: W: 16.9" H: 3" D: 12 1/2"
Warranty: Parts: 1 Year Labor: 90 Days


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