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It's a great partnership: the leader in satellite television and the leader in online services! With the new DIRECTVTM/AOLTV receiver, you'll have access to your favorite DIRECTV programming along with AOL's online services -- like E-mail, chat, Buddy Lists, Instant MessagingTM and You've Got PicturesTM -- all from your television. You'll see this powerful new product in stores in the coming months.


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What is the DIRECTVTM/AOLTV receiver?
It's a new product that combines DIRECTV programming with AOLTV and Internet service in one set-top receiver.

What is AOLTV?
It's a service that's designed to bring the strengths of AOL's online service to the television. With AOLTV, you can:

  • Access your AOL account on your television while someone else in your household accesses AOL on the PC
  • Send and receive E-mail through AOL
  • Send instant messages on AOL using the Buddy List service
  • Chat on AOL
  • Browse the Web
  • Share photos with friends and family through AOL's You've Got Pictures service

How does it work?
The DIRECTVTM/AOLTV receiver allows access to more than 225 channels of digital-quality DIRECTV programming, and features AOLTV software, a Web browser, an Intel processor and a hard drive. The built-in 56k modem sends data over standard phone lines for fast access to AOLTV services.

Are there parental controls?
Yes. Parents can choose from specific levels of access to different areas of the AOLTV service for each child in the family. And the built-in "Locks and Limits" feature from DIRECTV lets parents set rating and spending limits on DIRECTV programming.

How much does the AOLTV service cost?
All equipment, services and programming are sold separately. There will be a monthly charge for AOLTV service, though pricing is not yet available.

What equipment do I need?
The DIRECTVTM/AOLTV System includes a digital set-top receiver, a mini satellite dish antenna with a dual-output LNB, a remote control and a wireless keyboard. The receiver, remote control and keyboard will also be sold without a dish antenna for customers who already have DIRECTV service. In order to enjoy the full benefits of this service, your receiver must be continuously connected to a land-based phone line. You'll find the receiver under the Hughes Network Systems brand name.

How do I get the DIRECTVTM/AOLTV System?
It's scheduled to be available at retail stores in the coming months. Keep checking for updates.

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*Actual recording time varies depending on the type of programming being recorded.