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XM Rafio Frequently Asked Questions
What is XM Satellite Radio?
XM Radio broadcasts 100 channels of totally new music, news, sports and children's programming direct to cars and homes via satellite and an extensive repeater network, which supplements the satellite signal to ensure seamless transmission. The channels will originate from XM's broadcast center, the world's largest all-digital studio complex in Washington, DC and uplink to their two (Boeing 702) satellites. These satellites transmit the signal across the entire continental U.S. Each satellite provides 18kw of total power making them the two most powerful commercial satellites ever built, providing coast-to-coast coverage. Satellite radio will change the way people listen to radio in the same way cable changed television.
What will I hear on XM?
XM offers a huge variety of stations you'll never hear on commercial radio. 30 of their music channels are commercial free. Most are unique and innovative XM Originals, which include totally new programming. Virtually every musical style is represented in depth and variety. Some channels include USA Today, BBC World Service, PBS's News Hour with Jim Lehrer, Bloomberg News Radio, NASCAR, CNN News, CNN/Sports Illustrated, Radio One, Asia One, Salem Communications, The Weather Channel, and many more.
Will XM carry local stations?
XM Satellite Radio will revolutionize radio by offering exciting and unprecedented coast-to-coast programming. Listeners will tune to the XM band on their XM radio to tune into their programming. XM's listeners will still have access to their local AM & FM stations for local content.
Does XM have commercials?
30 of XM's channels are commercial free. However, some channels have six minutes or less of advertising per hour, which is a significant decrease from the 18-24 minutes heard on many AM and FM radio stations.
How do I tune to XM?
XM operates like any other band on your XM radio. Just as you tune to AM and FM stations, XM channels appear on your radio display. Specific tuning features (ie: presets, scan, etc.) vary by model.
Why would I pay for radio?
XM offers up to 100 channels of new and existing programming with exceptional sound quality. It is a nationwide service, available coast-to-coast, for a low monthly subscription price.
Will I get XM in my area?
XM Satellite Radio service will be available across the continental United States. XM's service will not be available internationally, including Canada and Mexico.
Will XM be available outside the United States?
XM is not licensed to broadcast its service outside of the continental United States.
Will XM Service be available in the waters off the coast of the United States?
Yes, XM is designed for marine use. In addition to domestic waterways in the continential United States, XM's signal will extend off the coast into all U.S. coastal waters.
Does XM offer customer support?
XM's Listener Care Center provides efficient and reliable support services to XM subscribers through a dedicated toll-free telephone number, 1-800-852-9696. Listener Care Representatives provide amazing care in dealing with activations, general inquires, trouble shooting and billing care services from 7:00 AM - Midnight EST Monday - Friday, 10:00 AM - 11:00 PM EST Saturday, and Noon - 8:00 PM EST Sunday.
Do I have to replace my existing radio to get XM's service?
Some manufacturers of XM radios will provide options which don't require customers to replace their existing radios.
What does XM Ready radio mean?
XM Ready means that the radio can be upgraded to receive XM programming. XM Ready means your radio is fully compatible with the XM tuner module needed to receive the XM Radio service.
What is required to upgrade to XM?
In order for an XM Ready radio to receive XM programming, you will need a XM Ready radio, a tuner box and an antenna. If you purchased a new head unit from Alpine or Pioneer in 2001, make sure it is XM Ready. Most Pioneer radios sold since 1999 are XM Ready. The tuner box enables the radio to receive and transmit the XM signal. The antenna needs to be installed or mounted on the outside of the automobile where it will have the maximum exposure to the sky.
Do I have to sign a contract for XM service?
XM Satellite Radio does not require a contract and service may be cancelled at any time. You may be assessed a $30 one time charge for violation of the Orbit Communication Corp  XM Radio Terms of Sale.
Will listeners need to have separate XM services for each radio?
Each radio that is activated will be charged its own set of fees. Since the Sony DRN-XM01H Digital Audio Receiver can be used in multiple situations, there is only one set of fees associated with it.
What are my billing options?
XM accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover credit cards. XM also offers EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer from your checking or savings bank account), as well as, invoice billing.
How much does the XM Radio Service cost?
If you are a consumer, you pay a $14.99 activation fee plus monthly service fee of $9.99 for all 100 channels. If you activate on XM's website, you will only need to pay $9.99 for your activation fee plus the monthly service fee of $9.99. ( A Service Activations Savings of $5.00)

If you are a business, you must be set up as a commercial account. Commercial accounts are $24.99 with a one time activation fee of $14.99. At this time, you can not activate a commercial account on the web. Please call us at 800-852-9696 for your commercial activation.

Provided courtesy of XM Radio

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