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Enjoy Local Channels Too!


What do martinis, cigars and TV antennas have in common? They're all throwbacks to the '50's that are cropping up again in the American landscape. The latest among these are TV antennas, which are emerging as the receiver of choice for local TV channels among the millions who are upgrading their home entertainment systems with Digital Satellite Systems and pizza-sized satellite dishes, which receive programming from carriers such as DIRECTV and DISH NETWORK.

Federal law places restrictions on the ability of national direct broadcast satellite companies such as DIRECTV and DISH NETWORK to deliver broadcast network programming. As a result, off-air-antenna manufacturers such as Winegard Company have seen sales skyrocket.

According to Winegard's Hans Rabong, "Off-air antenna sales have increased significantly because consumers are realizing that the combination of a DBS system and an off-air antenna is unbeatable. You get more programming networks than most cable systems with great digital picture and sound from the mini-satellite dish service, as well as free local programming from the TV antenna."

Faced with a choice of using cable for local channel access or a simple TV antenna, many consumers are choosing to rid themselves of cable and its continually rising costs.

Off air antennas
A new generation of off-air antennas can seamlessly deliver high-quality signals from free local TV broadcasters directly to the your DBSsystem with just a push of your remote.

For those in the market for a DBSsystem, industry leader DIRECTV recommends an off-air antenna to pull local broadcasts for free. In addition to the traditional rooftop antennas, the satellite industry has sparked the birth of a new generation of antennas tailored to individual needs. Some types include:

A. Omni/semidirectional, UHF/VHF antenna
This antenna is ideal for consumers who live between two or more television transmitting stations because of its ability to pick up signals from different directions. Its compact size allows the antenna to be conveniently disguised behind a satellite dish.

B. Omnidirectional, UHF/VHF antenna
This saucer-shaped antenna, the latest breed of new generation off-air antennas, mounts easily on the roof and picks up most television signals in a 360-degree radius. The antenna's compact size allows it to be hidden almost out of sight.

C. Imbedded off-air antenna
With this third generation DBSsystem, RCA has developed an off-air antenna that is imbedded directly into the 18-inch satellite dish and is virtually invisible to the eye. Although this may seem like the ideal solution, consumers should be aware that other factors might affect antenna performance such as broadcast signal proximity and position of the satellite dish to broadcast signal location.

D. Directional UHF/VHF antenna (traditional rooftop antenna)
A UHF/VHF antenna will provide the best performance of all antenna types. Although it is relatively larger than most of the new generation off-air antennas, it will work well at much greater distances from the television station.


No single off-air antenna is the best solution for every customer. For optimal signal strength, when installing the antenna, consumers should consider the direction/location of the signal from the antenna, distance of the antenna from the signal location, obstructions such as mountains and tall buildings, and the building material of the home.

Additional accessories are also available to strengthen television reception such as external amplifiers, ghost cancelers, or simply replacing the old cable that connects the antenna to your television.

Every Satellite system allows consumers a seamless way to see their local TV channels as well as switch to national programming from DIRECTV,DISH NETWORK or FULLVIEW  with the touch of a button on their remote control. For more information regarding any of the antennas or accessories mentioned, inquire by e-mailing us.  For information on programming services call 1-800-57-ORBIT.

In areas that offer cable programming, customers can ask their cable company for "lifeline" cable service. This service carries the most basic cable channels, including local networks. Not all cable companies advertise this service and some do not provide it. So call your local company to find out if "lifeline" cable is available in your area.

And whether you use an off-air antenna or a "lifeline" cable hookup, accessing your local channels with Satellite System is so easy! You just switch back and forth from Satellite System programming to your local channels with the touch of a remote control button.


Satellite Systems have an a la carte programming package called PrimeTime 24 which offers both East and West Coast affiliate feeds of: ABC (WJLA/Washington, DC and KOMO/ Seattle, WA), CBS (WRAL/Raleigh, NC and KPIX/San Francisco, CA) and NBC (WNBC/New York, NY and KNBC/Los Angeles, CA), and national affiliate feeds of FOX and PBS. To order this great package, you must meet the following two requirements:

1. You must live in an area where you cannot receive the local networks with a conventional rooftop antenna.

- and -

2. You must not have subscribed to a cable service within 90 days before the date you subscribe to the PrimeTime 24 Network Package from Orbit Communication. The a la carte price of the PrimeTime 24 Network Package is $4.99 per month, or 99 per month for individual affiliates. Zip Code Restrictions Apply.

Restrictions apply. Programming, pricing, terms and conditions subject to change. Hardware and programming sold separately. Equipment specifications may vary in Alaska. 1997 DIRECTV, Inc. DIRECTV is  registered trademarks of DIRECTV, Inc., a unit of Hughes Electronics Corp.