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The GI HDD-200 HDTV Decoder for the More Info on the 4DTV receiver
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Retails at: $1,299.95
Our Discount: $800.00
Your Price: $499.95
Status: Discontinued
The DigiCipher® II High Definition Decoder 200 (HDD200) is a state-of-the art decoder that employs the latest in MPEG-2/HD digital technology. The HDD200 recovers MPEG-2 input from the multimedia Access Port (MMAP) or High Speed Interface (HSI), accepting transport bit streams up to 29 Mbps.  The HDD200 outputs crystal clear Master Broadcast Quality High Definition television in all major HD formats via 4DTV Digital Satellite Receiver®.

The HDD200 is designated to be compatible with all General Instrument consumer reception equipment utilizing DigiCipher® II technology including Digicable® consumer set-top boxes, Star Choice® Satellite Receiver and all 4DTV Digital Satellite receivers®.

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  • The General Instrument HDD200 offers the availability to choose a specific output format including 1080i, 720p or 480p.  Consumers can also select "native" as output format, allowing the output to automatically match whatever input received.

  • The HDD200 is user friendly to allow for consumer self installation and includes key outputs such as analog RGB video, YprPb video and Dolby Digital  AC-3 ® compressed audio via a S/PDIF connection. The DigiCipher® II AHDD200 is ideally suited to meet all the needs of any C-Band TV Consumer waiting the benefits of HDTV.
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DigiCipher® II Compatible
The HDD200 is compatible with all consumer reception equipment utilizing DigiCipher® II technology including all 4DTV Digital Satellite Receivers.
Improved NTSC performance
Converts standard NTSC video and 4DTV IPG to a HD format display on HDTV, Maintain a 4:3 aspect ratio improving the video and the interactive Programming Guide (IPG) quality.
Compatible with most major HD delivered formats
Consumer can specify output format in the form of 1080i, 720p, 480p or native
RGB + Sync (horizontal and vertical sync) and YPrPb outputs
This allows the HDD200 to be compatible with many combinations of HD delivery formats and HD televisions.
Dolby Digital® (AC-3®) Audio
A S/PDIF output allows Dolby Digital to be decoded by any compatible A/v receiver
Composite and S-Video Inputs
Composite and S-Video inputs allow for a wide variety of configurations and SDTV analog channels
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1 High Speed Data / MMAP 5 Composite Video in
2 Output Selection [1080i, 720p, 480p, Native] 6 S-Video
7 Horizontal / Vertical sync
3 S/PDIF in/out 8 RGB / YPrPb connectors
4 Analog Audio input/output 9 RGB / YPrPb selector

  • 1 High Speed Interface (HSI) Input
    Standard: GI proprietary standard DigiCipher® II EAI Spec, High Speed Data port section Serial digital data, AMI B8ZS encoded 110 ohms 
  • 1 Analog Stereo Output  Left & Right
  • 1 Analog Video Output H-Sync Output RCA type
  • 1 V-Sync Output RCA Type
  • RGB Output (Red Green, Blue)
  • YPrPb Video 3 RCA Type
  • 1 Dolby Digital AC3- Coax output RCA Type 
  • Warranty: One Year
  • Unit Weight: 20 lbs.
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