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Over 500 channels of analog and new digital entertainment. First generation signal for razor sharp clarity. Dolby Digital audio. That's what you get with the new 4DTV™ Digital Satellite Receiver.

Along with all the programming you could possibly want, you'll enjoy the most sophisticated and powerful Interactive Program Guide available.

Customize it to search for programs in your favorite categories--sports, movies and more. Then go there, with just a click of your remote.

New Fixes
Here are fixes for 2 current problems with the 922
1. Unit will not update to software version EA.
TVN will correct this problem starting tonight.
2. Unit will not map:
The DC light is on however the unit will not "Map". Move to G0 channel 5, Press OPTIONS 6,7,7,8 select 1 (frequency), type or select 1350.0000, press ENTER them EXIT.
Receiver will now map

Q: What is 4DTV?

A: The 4DTV receiver is NextLevel System's (formerly General Instrument) new satellite receiver that can receive digital DigiCipherII programming as well as standard analog and scrambled VideoCipherII Plus channels. It incorporates all the benefits of today's C and Ku-band analog satellite systems as well as adding new digital capabilities.

As a "multi-satellite" system, the 4DTV receiver uses your same dish and LNB and enables you to tune in signals from more than 30 satellites on both C and Ku-band. It is the first satellite receiver that enables viewing of both analog clear and VideoCipherII programming, as well as clear and encrypted digital DigiCipherII programming. The 4DTV system will start out with over 500 channels of audio and video and has the ability to grow almost indefinitely over time.

Q: What programming will be available on the 4DTV system?

A: The addition of digital channels on the 4DTV system will add hundreds of new channels and will provide you with the greatest choice of programming today and tomorrow.

Many programmers such as HBO, TVN, Music Choice, and others are adding digital channels to their analog programming lineups. These digital channels will be available through the same programming providers you know today.

Q: Is the 4DTV receiver upgradeable?

A: The 4DTV receiver contains a high interface capable of outputting High Definition Television(HDTV) when available and is capable of being downloaded in the field in order to always get the latest available features.

Q: What do I need in order to get digital channels?

A: Digital signals use the same satellites used today and can be received using dishes and LNBs on the market today. Current C-band users will also be able to use their existing VCRS module with the 4DTV receiver for VideoCipherII Plus analog programming. A general rule is that if your existing antenna works well with VideoCipher II Plus programming now, it should work fine for 4DTV digital signals.

Q: Why will the number of programs and services keep growing on the 4DTV system but stay the same on other DBS services?

A: Since DBS is a fixed dish system, it is limited in the number of channels you can access. The 4DTV System is only limited by the number of satellite locations and has room for thousands of potential services. What this means for you is more programming at the lowest cost.

Q: I have a C-band system, do I need a 4DTV receiver?

A: C-band consumers will be able to enjoy most of today's analog audio and video for years to come. Some of the reasons you may want to consider a new 4DTV receiver to enhance you current system are:

  1. Some of your favorite channels will convert to digital
  2. Hundreds of new digital quality channels
  3. A new state of the art on-screen programming guide
  4. An advanced Graphical User Interface that makes watching satellite TV easier than ever.

Q: Why is the 4DTV receiver television picture better than other services?

A: Since the 4DTV receiver provides first generation programming signals, C-band, or big-dish consumers receive both analog and digital programs directly from the programming source. This means you will always get a better quality signal compared to DBS services and cable.

Q: Can I get other digital services with the 4DTV receiver, such as mini-dish programming?

A: Although almost all digital services use similar technology based on MPEG-2 digital compression, they all use different scrambling technologies. This means that DIRECTV and EchoStar R

eceivers are neither compatible with each other, nor with the 4DTV receiver. But the same programming is available on the 4DTV system at lower prices.

Q: How does the Interactive Program Guide work?

A: The Interactive Program Guide, or IPG, receives information over the satellite on every known program availability on the 4DTV system. You can tune to satellites and channels with one touch, or get program information such as descriptions and ratings.